Northwestmission Church

a gospel-centered  multicultural church

for northwest charlotte

the vision

Our vision is to grow a gospel-centered, multicultural church in the Northwest side of Charlotte, for the purpose of making disciples to the glory of God.  Our mission is to make the kinds of disciples who are deeply impacted by the gospel of grace and are consistently growing in love for God and neighbors.


The need

Northwest Charlotte needs more gospel-centered churches who are focused on intentionally reaching its diverse community.  

We are excited to see individuals and families in this area find this joy and comfort in the gospel.  While areas of South, Central, and East Charlotte are well-served with church presence, Northwest Charlotte has been largely overlooked and is a mission field ripe for the harvest.  We are committed to being a gospel-presence within this community, so that men, women, and children can hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. 

In addition, we believe gospel offers the opportunity for unity and love, across racial and cultural barriers. It’s is common saying that Sunday morning worship is the most segregated hour of the week.  This is a grievous reality, considering the gospel’s unifying power (Galatians 3:28) and the ultimate vision of worship being that of one group from every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 7:9-10).  We are excited to be a part of a new movement to plant intercultural churches that build bridges into previously under-reached demographics.

Partnership Updates:

We are excited to partner with two local churches for the sake of multicultural ministry in Northwest Charlotte!

Freedom Presbyterian Church


Starting spring 2021, Northwest Mission Church is excited to join together with Freedom Presbyterian Church, a beautiful church located at the center of our target area. This partnership allows both churches to combine their resources (leadership, vision, building, members, community presence) for God's kingdom. 

West Charlotte Church

West Charlotte Church.jpg

Also partnering together with us is West Charlotte Church (WCC).  Through our partnership with WCC, we have a plan to build bridges into our diverse community and develop a multicultural core group and leadership team.  David will be assistant pastor at WCC in the beginning stages of our church development. 




The plan

Outreach, Evangelism and Core Group Building:

We are focused on reaching out to the target area community, through neighborhood evangelism, outreach to local businesses, schools, and other community organizations.  Through these relationships, we will share the gospel, form Bible studies and eventually a core group to launch this intercultural church.


Forming an Intercultural Pastoral Partnership:

We desire to have the diversity of our community reflected in the diversity of our pastoral leadership.  As such, we are presently searching and praying for a pastoral partner to be a part of this team, for the sake of long-term intercultural ministry effectiveness.


Partnering with Local Churches:

We are thankful that numerous local churches within our denomination are excited to partner with us in this ministry, giving us needed resources to make this vision a reality.  Numerous churches have pledged financial support, while others are helping raise up an intercultural core group, find building space for worship, and even partnering in more significant ways.

the goal

November 2020-June 2021:

Starting in October 2020, we moved to our mission field in northwest Charlotte.  While here, we have been building relationships with neighbors and local businesses, preaching at and building partnerships with local churches, making connections with potential pastoral partners, and support raising.  While we are using every opportunity available to us for outreach and evangelism, we are also heavily focused on support raising, so that this ministry can have long term success.  Our goal is to build our support team and meet all of our year 1 goals by April 2021. 


July 2021-September 2022:

 Once we meet these support raising goals, our plan is to partner with local churches in a more formal capacity, preaching and vision-casting regularly, bringing the pastoral partner on our team, building an intercultural core group, and preparing our group to launch.  Our desire is to begin our intercultural worship service by (or before) September 2022.


Support Raising Needs:

Total 4 Year Support Raising Goal: $975,000

Total Amount Committed: $400,000

Remaining 4 Year Goal: $575,000

Partnership Levels:


How this Goal May Be Reached: monthly (annually/four year total)

$1,250 a month ($15,000/$60,000)

$500 a month ($6,000/$24,000)

$200 a month ($2,400/$9,600)

$100 a month ($1,200/$4,800)

      $50 a month ($600/$2,400)       



partnership opportunities

By mail

Mission to North America

P.O. Box 890233

Charlotte, NC 28289-0233


Please write "Northwest Mission Church, David Yoran" in the memo box.


About us

David and Celia Yoran have been involved in church ministry for over 12 years in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), having served at both a church plant and church revitalization. 

The Yorans have a passion for local church ministry, for helping the hurting through the love of Christ, and intercultural ministry.   They have seen firsthand how the gospel can build bridges across racial and even language barriers, through years of involvement with Hispanic communities both in the Charlotte area and in Mexico. More recently, the Lord impressed upon their hearts a desire to take their love for multicultural ministry and move to Northwest Charlotte to begin a new ministry there. 


David and Celia have 6 children: Isaac (12), Owen (10), Autumn (8), Eden (6), Asher Kai (5), and Upton (5).  As a family, they have a wide variety of interests, including gardening, baking, hiking, art, reading, football, tennis, Lego-building, and watching superhero movies.